The end of the sideways phase

The breakout of the crypto reserve currency Bitcoin could end the sideways phase in favor of the bulls. The overall market is also benefiting from the rising Bitcoin rate.

The BTC dominance is tending sideways due to the emerging strength of the altcoins

Bitcoin (BTC): Volatility makes Bitcoin jump between $ 10,150 and $ 11,100
BTC rate: $ 11,407 (previous week: $ 10,613)
Resistances / Targets: $ 11,740, $ 11,806, $ 12,088, $ 12,307, $ 12,492, $ 12,912
Supports: $ 11,099, $ 10,803, $ 10,613, $ 10,535, $ ​​10,360, $ 10,152
Price analysis Bitcoin (BTC) KW42
Price analysis based on the value pair BTC / USD on Coinbase

A first directional decision was made this week. The bulls managed to dissolve the week-long sideways corridor to the top and initiate a subsequent rise to 11,740 US dollars. In the last two trading days, the BTC price corrected slightly and is currently trading at 11,423 US dollars. For now, the chances of a further increase towards $ 12,000 are good. Only a fall back below $ 11,099 at the end of the day would cloud the chart again.

Bullish scenario (Bitcoin price)

If the bulls manage to stabilize the BTC price above the green box, they will very likely launch a new attempt to climb towards the resistance at $ 11,806 in the coming days. A break of this chart level brings the pink resistance line at $ 12,088 directly into view. A break above this mark on a daily basis activates new bullish price targets at $ 12,307 and $ 12,492. In the area of ​​the August high, renewed resistance from the bears is to be expected. If investors manage to take advantage of the positive mood in the overall market and also break through the USD 12,492 dynamically, a break through to the maximum price target of USD 12,912 is conceivable.

Bearish scenario (Bitcoin rate)

The bear could not use the directionless movement of the last few weeks to build up sustained selling pressure. As long as no reversal formation is formed, the bears are left behind for the time being. Only when the BTC price slides back below $ 11,099 could this represent a false breakout on the upside. If the Bitcoin price subsequently falls back below the EMA20 (red) at 11,007 US dollars, the first price target on the downside is 10,803 US dollars. If this support is also abandoned, the area between 10,613 US dollars and 10,535 US dollars becomes of central importance. The EMA100 (yellow), a horizontal support line and the green upward trend line run here. Strong resistance from the cops can be expected in this area.

If the bears manage to push the BTC rate below this cross-support and also break the low at 10,360 US dollars, the bottom edge of the trend channel at 10,052 US dollars will move into the focus of investors again. The moving average of the last 200 days (EMA200) (blue) also runs here, which is why this support mark is to be seen as the maximum price target on the bottom for the time being.